Book 2 – The Budget, Medical Services and Health

April 12, 2010

The Budget, Medical Services and Health; (An article written by B.S. written in 1990)

A most significant event in the history of modern medicine, was the 1910 Flexner report on medical education. Abraham Flexner, sponsored by the American Medical Association who were funded by the Carnegie and Rockefeller families, (both investors in the pharmaceutical industry), recommended that pharmaceutical medicine be taught in medical schools. (Thus excluding preventive medicine, nutrition, alternative therapies, natural healing, etc), and that all health care practitioners should be “scientists, rigorously trained” in these schools.

Scientific medicine was drug therapy, and since then Western medical schools have concentrated on drug therapy, backed up by surgery; and preventive medicine, nutrition and natural therapies have been ignored. The result over 80 years has been escalating disease rates.

In 1936, the first Labour Government introduced free medical service for the first time in New Zealand. They thought it would lead to an ideal society with perfect health. But a medical service wedded to drugs and surgery has produced the opposite; steadily increasing disease rates.

Increasing disease rates and escalating wage rates over the past 40 years, have now bankrupted the free medical service and the government that provided it. Medical service as we have known it since 1936 is being dismantled; from now on, middle-class New Zealanders will have to pay for medical care, i.e. pay as much as they can afford, and beyond that, go without.

But do we really need medical care that helps to increase disease rates? Dr Ulric Williams, who worked as a surgeon in Wanganui Hospital, thought otherwise. He said, “Hospitals are disease factories”. He told me, “I never became a real doctor till I forgot 95% of what I learned at Edinburgh”. He received his medical education at Edinburgh University, then considered the best medical school in the world.

For the past 50 years, people have eaten themselves into a state of affluent malnutrition on the tempting, addictive, sweet tasting non-foods provided by food manufacturers, and then turned to an obliging medical service to take away their pains with drugs and surgery. This is coming to an end. Being sick will soon be a luxury only the wealthy can afford. The onus will be on ordinary people to keep themselves well, as it used to be.

I have a letter written to England by a Wellington settler in the 1840’s. He says, “This must be the healthiest country in the whole world. I have never even had a cold since I have been here, in spite of having been wet to the skin countless times, with both fresh and salt water”.

Dr Ulric Williams said, “Doctor means teacher. A doctor’s chief duty is to teach people how to be well”. I went to him with arthritis in 1942. I stayed 2 months in his residential clinic, and came home in perfect health, better than I had ever known. When I thanked him, he said, “I did not cure you. Only God can heal. Actually what I did, was to teach you how to cure yourself; this will be useful to you for all your life.” And so it has been.

One doesn’t need medical training to learn how to get well and stay well. It is a simple secret; Dr Williams summed it up in a few basic rules.

The first rule of health is, never eat when you are not hungry. Man is the only animal that hasn’t enough sense to stop eating when he is sick. If you get an infection, treat it as a healing crisis. Fast for 1 to 3 days, drink plenty of water, take some form of vitamin C. Your body will use the fever to burn up toxic wastes and cleanse itself.

The other rules concern life-style; foods need to be fresh, natural, whole and simple; food as God made it, not as man mucks about with it. Water to drink. Every other creature on earth is satisfied with water to quench its thirst.

The most important food is oxygen; without it we die in 3 minutes, whereas we can live without water for a day and without other food for weeks. The best way to increase oxygen intake is to exercise in fresh air.

Our whole self needs peace. Peace comes from thoughts of love, faith, and forgiveness. Faith means expecting good to happen, instead of expecting bad. Love means seeing good in all things, even ones we don’t like. To see good is the attitude of love. Forgiveness means saying, “It doesn’t matter!” Forgiveness means saying to oneself, “If I forgive this person, God can use my forgiveness to put things right.” Forgiveness means saying to oneself, “This person did the best she could, with the knowledge, and awareness and understanding she had at the time, I set her free from my condemnation” (or him).

Summed up, the secret of health lies in what we put in our mouths, the exercise we give our legs, and the thoughts we hold in our minds. The human body is an incredibly marvellous instrument; if we give it the respect it deserves in these areas, it will repay us with good health; and hip replacements and artificial hearts will be unnecessary; also hospitalisation for both mental and physical disease, medication, surgery, shock treatment.

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